Name Dropping...

Shamelessly dropping names of great companies I've had the pleasure of working with.

Services // stuff i can do, pro style.

Web Design // let's build something with style.

I'm pretty fanatic about staying bleeding edge with my design, and I want to work with clients who feel the same. If you're looking for killer web design that makes people say "shoot-dang" then you're in the right place.

Design stylish stuff for me // i need you to design something.

Web Development // html5, css3 & javascript / jquery, i gotchya covered.

If you thought I was excited about web design, wait til my inner-geek gets to come out during the web development phase of your project. I don't mess around in this department, if there's something that falls under the "latest & greatest" category then I've already played with it.

Everything I do is hand coded and custom, not to mention optimized for SEO. Looking for Responsive Design, then look no further.

I need some web development // yep, let's build something great.

Responsive Design // one website, many devices.

Users are now surfing the web on many different devices including smart phones & tablets. How can we create a cohesive and consistant experience across so many different platforms and screen sizes?

I'd like to introduce you to Responsive Web Design!

Basically we use the same content & markup across all devices, we just use CSS media queries to style it differently for each device based on screen size and/or orientation.

I want a responsive website // sweet, do that for me.

Wordpress // manage your website content.

"According to W3Techs, almost 55% of the 1 million most visited websites that are run on a content management system (CMS) are run on WordPress."
-Smashing Magazine

Wordpress is an easy to use yet powerful CMS that is leading the industry. You can even kick back with your tablet and a cup of joe and update your website!

Build me a custom WP theme // I need a wordpress cms & blog.

The DUD Stream //

A collection of social media & blog posts from my life.

SPARQL Query with jQuery & ajax //

I’ve been on a very interesting and cutting edge project at work lately. It’s caused a steep learning curve for me which I welcome gratefully. I can’t disclose too much of the project at this point in time, but to keep it short we’re building a search engine which infers user intention and displays appropriate [...]

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Sony Engraving Module //

Now that I’m contracting for Sony Electronics I’ve had the opportunity to work on a ton of fun projects. One of my latest projects was redeveloping their VAIO engraving module. It’s currently on their e-commerce site, but it’s developed in Flash. My task was to code it in pure HTML & javascript/jQuery. This was a [...]

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I totally love Windows 7!  One of my favorite aspects of it (beyond it’s stability) is the user interface, it’s very functional and pretty. This week I just started my new job at Theme Your World, and as I started setting up my new machine I realized that I was missing Aero. At first I thought I [...]

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Hello WordPress //

I’ve been designing and coding websites for nearly 15 years now. I first started when I was 15, right after I built my very first 486 computer! After going through that process I was instantly hooked… for life! Man websites were ugly back then, and the ones I was doing were no exception. I’ve seen [...]

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